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Samantha Riley

Cead Mile Failte! Travel has always been a passion of mine and my wanderlust started at an early age. Growing up we moved from state to state and although this may not appeal to everyone, I viewed it as something new and exhilarating. My family instilled in me the love of travel throughout our countless excursions during my childhood as well. From museums to natural wonders, these all contributed to my deep enchantment with the world. It had captivated my attention and soon an innate desire began to root inside me, to not only travel to places, but to truly experience their culture; the people, beliefs, traditions and more that were the foundations that made each place unique. As a baking and pastry major at Johnson & Wales University, it is also a wonderful opportunity to learn more first-hand about the different cuisines of the world. Fresh from a study abroad experience this past spring in France, Europe still managed to have me under its spell and has summoned me back once again. Savoring a classic French meal at a small Parisian restaurant with a longtime friend, strolling the beaches of Nice with nothing but an endless stretch of vast ocean ahead and weaving throughout the narrow cobblestone streets of Venice, were all only snippets of what I had previously experienced. It had an incredibly amount more to offer. Oscar Wilde once said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” When not traveling, I can be found with my nose buried in a book especially memoirs, capturing the world through photographs with my camera, writing old-fashioned letters, hanging out with my friends and family, cooking, and most importantly, cuddling with my cat.

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