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Emily Lemieux

Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I am a junior majoring in Media & Communications at Johnson & Wales. I am originally from a small town in the middle of the woods in Connecticut. I am a lover of exercise, dogs, and hiking. My major interests are photography, writing, blogging, and video editing. When I originally came to Johnson & Wales I was a culinary major, however, I ended up switching my major when I realized how well the media & communications program fit my interests. Immediately coming here, I noticed how diverse the student body seemed to be. Coming from a small town, it has been amazing to meet so many different people with so many different pasts. There are students here from all over the world who have already had so many different and amazing experiences. We have students from South Korea, South Africa, England, and anywhere else you could possibly imagine. Due to this, Johnson & Wales has become a mixing pot of all different cultures and stories. My goal is to find these stories and share them with you. This blog is a collection of stories from a mix of Johnson & Wales students. If you have a story that you would like to share please email me at elemieux2015@gmail.com. I can’t wait to hear your stories.

Recent Posts by Emily Lemieux:

A New JWU Writer in Session

Emily Lemieux features Marina DeAngelis in her latest installment of "People of JWU." Marina is a JWU Providence student majoring in English who is incredibly passionate about life and writing. Meet Marina. 

Topics: Providence Arts & Sciences

Hannah’s Trek to JWU

Emily Lemieux introduces readers to JWU Providence student Hannah Blossom. Hailing from West Chester, PA, Hannah has a passion for running, exotic locales and Providence. Get to know Hannah like Emily does.

Topics: Hospitality Providence Arts & Sciences Travel & Tourism

Getting To Know Ponzio

Emily Lemieux continues her 'People of JWU' series by interviewing Jeff, a  JWU Providence culinary student. Jeff's rocky journey to JWU involves an early, secretive interest in cooking and an erratic, negative boss. Read Jeff's story. 

Topics: Culinary Arts Providence

A JWU Student’s Efforts to Save the World

Emily Lemieux, a Connecticut-bred media & communications major, debuts her 1st blog post with a new feature called 'People of JWU.' She's got a knack for telling stories; read this one about Ruth, a JWU Providence student working to make JWU a zero waste university.

Topics: Sustainability Media Studies Providence Arts & Sciences