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Welcome to Cape Town!

If you don't know where Cape Town is, it is on the south-west tip of the continent of Africa in the country of South Africa. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever seen. On one side of the city are beautiful beaches and ocean front properties. On the other side are iconic mountains such as Table Mountain and Lions Head which creates what is known as the city bowl. CapeTown_Africa
Above is an image I found on arounddeglobe.com to show how beautiful this city really is. Not only is Cape Town beautiful, it is full of history as well. Cape Town is one of South Africa's most famous cities especially since the hosting of the world cup in 2010. During our time in Cape Town, our accomodation will be a hostel called Never@Home. When most people think of South Africa, I don't think Cape Town is what they envision but it is truly an amazing tourist destination. We will be spending about 2 weeks in this magnificent city and I am excited to share all my experiences!
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