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A New JWU Writer in Session

Emily Lemieux features Marina DeAngelis in her latest installment of "People of JWU." Marina is a JWU Providence student majoring in English who is incredibly passionate about life and writing. Meet Marina. 

This past year Johnson & Wales created a new major for students to focus solely on English. The program is the envy of many upperclassmen, and it contains an exciting roster full of classes. One of these students, Marina DeAngelis, is enthusiastic about being one of the first in the program, and it is clear the English department is where she belongs.

MarinaatWaterplace (002).jpg

“As a writer I am inspired by situations that happen. I’ve written a lot of pieces on the unethical treatment of sweatshop laborers that are outsourced from American corporations to poverty-stricken companies. I’ve also written about rescue dogs and I think it is really bad that they are being euthanized and that people are breeding them. I like to write about these kinds of things to try to inform others.” Ultimately, Marina hopes that Johnson & Wales will give her the skills she needs to be able to notify people about serious issues in the community.

Growing up in Cranston, RI, Marina is no stranger to Providence and its traditions, especially WaterFire. Vessels are sent down the river in the center of Providence and lit up to symbolize Providence’s renaissance and unity within the Rhode Island community. This powerful and praised Rhode Island event attracts many people from outside the state. The locals that attend, like Marina, are amazed by the lights no matter how many times they go, and it is no doubt that WaterFire is one of the most cherished parts of the community.

Marinawaterplace (002).jpg

If she’s not writing about WaterFire, Marina is writing blogs for a wind sculpture website. “They travel the world and visit different wind sculpture landmarks and they give me areas to write about. I try to relate to how the art piece works with the environment.” If you walk through Waterplace Park, you are sure to find Marina writing there.

 To learn more about JWU 's English program, visit the  JWU website

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