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People of JWU: Ruth's Story

Emily Lemieux, a Connecticut-bred media & communications major, debuts her 1st blog post with a new feature called 'People of JWU.' She's got a knack for telling stories; read this one about Ruth, a JWU Providence student working to make JWU a zero waste university.

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JWU Nostalgia: Tales From a Burnt-out Senior

Autumn R. Hawkins kicks off her last term at JWU Providence doing one the many things she does well: writing. Autumn has big plans for the future, but first, she has to get through her senior year.

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The Countdown to Thanksgiving

It's not that Tori Murphy doesn't adore her life at JWU Providence, it's just that she REALLY wants to get back home to share her thankfulness for a loving family, close friends and a home-cooked meal.

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JWU Providence OTEAM leader Paige Zuber is studying Sports/Entertainment/Event Management while juggling being the director of membership of the Special Events Society & the community service coordinator of the JWU Players. How does she do it all?

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Stories from a JWU Transfer Student


Taylor Shultz transferred to  JWU Providence and uses her 2nd blog to get down to the nitty-gritty of the transfer experience. It wasn't without stress, but it came with a bright future and a fresh crop of new friends.

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