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Jacqueline's Scottish Study Abroad Journey Soars with History

JWU North Miami student Jacqueline Gonzalez-Cuba is taking the "study" part of "study abroad" extremeley seriously. Her literary and historical trek through Scotland is magnificent and a lot of hard work.

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Alexandra Finds Inspiration & Confidence in Italy

While studying abroad in Italy, JWU Charlotte student Alexandra finds confidence in her blossoming baking and pastry skills.

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Haggis and Whisky and Cod, Oh My!

JWU North Miami student Jacqueline Gonzalez-Cuba's culinary journey through Scotland continues with Jacqueline savoring haggis, cod and oh yes, a little whisky. Don't worry, she's 26 years old.

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My Journey Through Italy

Ciao from Italy! JWU Charlotte student Alexandra Everhart is currently traveling through Italy as a part of the Baking and Pastry Study Abroad program.  She's marveling at the beauty of Italy and becoming excited to start work at the world-renowned Fedora Pastry Shop.

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Mistakes We Made Before Studying Abroad (Part III)

 Angelina Jorge concludes her "Mistakes We Made Before Studing Abroad" series with a realistic look at what students need to leave at home, and what they should bring on their journey. Stamina & drive? Bring em'! Impatience & intolerance? No room!

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