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Accessible, Fun, Useful: How JWU Students Rate the New Pedestrian Bridge

Open since mid-August, Providence’s new pedestrian bridge has quickly become a landmark. Within walking distance of JWU’s Downcity Campus, the bridge links downtown with the city’s East Side and offers spectacular night views of the skyline.

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10,000 Miles Away: Mohammad Ali Makes JWU His 2nd Home

Choosing a college is always a difficult decision, but for Jakarta, Indonesia, native Mohammad Ali, it was a true leap of faith. Where to go? What to study? Someone suggested Johnson & Wales University's Providence Campus to him. Although he had never heard of the school — or the state, for that matter — he started doing his research. He read about the school and the Providence area, and he watched a virtual tour of the campus. Surrounded by the tropical heat and noise of Jakarta, he began to picture what life would be like halfway around the world. “I looked it up. I loved the city, I loved the state,” he said. He decided to apply.

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An Insider's Tour of ESPN

Tayla Bolduc ’20, a Media & Communication Studies major, recounts her visit to the ESPN studios. Dean Young, Ms. Marshall, Professor Westgate and Professor Villari took a group of students majoring in Media & Communication Studies, Graphic Design, and Sports, Event, Entertainment - Management to the Connecticut headquarters, where they were treated to an intimate tour.

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Behind the Scenes: JWU’s Winning ADTEAM

It’s Friday, April 12th, and the Johnson & Wales ADTEAM is presenting for the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC), District 1. After six months of blood, sweat, tears and various types of food, it’s time to represent JWU against all other New England teams for the chance to advance to the semifinal round of the competition. With four of the most passionate, hard-working ADTEAM members presenting, it’s no surprise the day ended with a first place trophy.

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Media Students Capture Life at JWU Through Their Eyes

As a recent graduate, I still remember quite vividly what it’s like to be a student at JWU. Now, as an employee here, I get to work creatively on blogs, videos and other content that shows students why they should come to JWU, too. 

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