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Why Apply for a Fulbright? Ask Visiting Scholar Anna Palliser.

11/5/19 | This past August, Anna Palliser traveled more than 9,500 miles to study at JWU’s Providence Campus. But she isn’t a JWU student — she’s a scholar-researcher from New Zealand’s Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) who is on a Fulbright grant to document issues of food security and food sovereignty in Rhode Island.

Because SIT and JWU are Study Abroad exchange partners, the marketing department at SIT suggested that Palliser apply for a Fulbright to JWU.

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2019 Faculty Showcase Highlights Research + Expertise

In late September, faculty and other members of JWU’s academic community came together to celebrate scholarship and exchange ideas at the 3rd annual Faculty Scholarship Showcase. Faculty were invited to submit presentation proposals aligned with the Boyer Model of Scholarship for inclusion in this showcase. (The branch campuses will hold their own Showcases throughout the Fall.)

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JWU, RISD and Farm Fresh RI Share 2018 Food Vision Prize

11/13/18 | The combined power of two of the region’s prominent higher education institutions — one an internationally recognized food authority, one an internationally recognized design authority — and a venerable local food hub is changing the way college students eat.

Johnson & Wales University (JWU), Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Farm Fresh RI will share a 2018 New England Food Vision Prize, a $250,000 award from the Henry P. Kendall Foundation, to encourage colleges and universities to increase the amount of regionally-produced food on campus menus.

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JWU + URI to Offer Dual Degree in Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies

9/5/18 |  Johnson & Wales University and The University of Rhode Island (URI) will offer a dual degree in pharmacy and physician assistant studies beginning in Fall 2018 — the first such collaboration between public and private universities in the country.

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Doctoring the Menu: Food as Medicine


Clad in a crisp white apron and chef’s hat, Eric Sharer ’08 zips around a gleaming kitchen setting mixing bowls, utensils and ingredients on the island countertop. Butternut squash, cumin, paprika, chickpeas, kale — the foods and spices pile up beside the cutting board as Sharer consults his recipe. “We’re going to make something really fun today,” he tells his aproned co-chef, “using things you typically have on hand at home.”

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Culinary/Design Collaboration Creates Menu Designs for Student Pop-Ups

2/11/16 | Every term, Chefs Delle Donne and Wesen’s Conscious Cuisine classes run what they call Chef’s Tables, where student teams collaborate, “Top Chef” Restaurant Wars-style, on a thematically-unified 6-course tasting menu.

Students from Deana Marzocchi’s Design Solutions class — 24 in all — worked with 8 culinary teams to create menu designs that fit their pop-up restaurant concepts.

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Brown-JWU Pilot Links Nutrition and Preventive Care


Can teaching medical students how to cook help win the war against the obesity epidemic?

The Providence Journal recently showcased a new pilot program between Johnson & Wales University’s College of Culinary Arts and Brown University’s Alpert Medical School that aims to do just that.

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