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Operation: Peace, Love & Bread Crafts an Epic Holiday Baguette Tree

JWU Providence’s unique baguette tree brightens up the College of Culinary Arts foyer.

12/15/17 | Each year, JWU Providence club Operation: Peace, Love & Bread (OPLB) crafts an amazing holiday tree made entirely of bread. The tree stands as a beautiful centerpiece in the foyer of the Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence (CCCE), located on the university’s Harborside Campus.

This is the second year that OPLB has created and assembled the tree, which is made entirely of baguettes, boules, pretzels, rolls, and bread sticks baked by JWU Providence students, many of whom also take part in OPLB activities. After an epic bake overseen by club advisor and founder, Chef Mitch Stamm, the raw materials were gathered together to assemble the life-size tree. (The garlands, ornaments and star crowning the tree were all bread-based.)

The students who shaped, kneaded, baked and glue-gunned are:

  • Jessica Eng
  • Maggie Feingold-Gardner
  • Kristy Fogle
  • Alyssa Grecky
  • Nisha Khatri
  • Kylie Machado
  • Michael Metcalf
  • Lucas Monahan
  • Danielle Murray
  • Grace Saadi
  • Morgan Smith
  • Miki Takano
  • Logan Zupko

Operation: Peace, Love & Bread was founded in 2014 with the express purpose of baking fresh bread and other baked goods to benefit local food banks, shelters, and other missions in Providence. Sometimes this takes the form of fundraisers (most recently, a holiday-themed sale of stollen, blueberry buckle and hot cocoa mix); other times the bread or baked goods are donated directly to local organizations in need. Either way, students get to hone their bread-baking skills while giving back to their community. 

As founding president Elizabeth Smith explained to the JWU Campus Herald, “Our purpose is simple: ... We aim to change the world, one loaf of bread at a time. By simply donating a few hours of our time we can change the lives of not only a few, but of hundreds of people. The donation of our loaf of bread may be their only food for the day. ... The more people we have, the more bread we can make, and the more lives we can help save.”

JWU Providence student + OPLB member Kristy Fogle shot this timelapse video of the tree assembly:


Tree pictures coming soon! 🥖🎄

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And she's finally done 😊! Special thanks has to go to everyone single one of you guys working so hard on this tree!🥖🎄🥖🎄

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It takes an epic baguette bake to have enough bread to cover an entire tree.

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