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JWU’s Providence Campus Announces College of Health & Wellness


9/7/16 | Johnson & Wales University (JWU) continues to expand its academic programming in the area of health through the establishment of a College of Health & Wellness, located at the university’s Providence Campus.

The college is home to the new Health Science major, as well as the Master of Science program in Physician Assistant Studies that the university began offering in 2014. Future program offerings for the College of Health & Wellness include an ACEND (Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics) accredited Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Dietetics.

George Bottomley, DVM, PA-C, has been named dean of the College of Health & Wellness. In 2012, George returned to his home state of Rhode Island to join JWU as the founding director of the JWU physician assistant studies program.

Rebecca Lovell Scott, PhD, PA-C, a highly-respected faculty member who has been with the JWU Center for Physician Assistant Studies since its inception, succeeds Dean Bottomley as the new director of the JWU physician assistant studies program.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Health Science will have a choice of 3 areas of study:

  • health science
  • health promotion
  • health management

All students in the program will be required to take a hands-on healthy cooking class to apply what they have learned from their nutrition and physiology classes.

Prepare for a Growing Healthcare Industry
Upon graduation, students may choose to continue their education by seeking advanced degrees in areas such as

  • physical or occupational therapy
  • bioinformatics
  • public health
  • physician assistant

or immediately join the workforce in positions such as a health services manager, government policy analyst, or minority health office administrator.

By establishing the College of Health & Wellness, the university is broadening its scope of programs to attract new students while developing areas of study that complement one another. The College of Health & Wellness’ program offerings join the growing list of JWU health-related majors, including

  • biology
  • culinary nutrition
  • psychology
  • counseling psychology

This academic expansion is another step forward to ensure that a Johnson & Wales education remains relevant to market demand and employer needs.

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