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Celebrate the New Academic Building Dedication

Closeup of JWU’s new Center for Science and Innovation

8/30/16 | On September 1, JWU’s Providence Campus will officially open and dedicate its new academic building. The 3-storey, 71,000-square-foot John J. Bowen Center for Science and Innovation will serve as the new home of the School of Engineering & Design and the College of Arts & Sciences’ biology program.

Preparing JWU Students for High-Demand Tech + Health Care Fields
The new academic building has been designed and constructed to help prepare Johnson & Wales students for many high demand fields, including health care, computer science, and information technology.

School of Engineering & Design Dean Francis Tweedie emphasizes how the building has been designed to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration. As he told the Providence Journal, “What this does is centralize a lot of the disciplines. We’ll have graphics students working with software engineers, electronic engineers and robotics engineers working with CAD students. It reinforces their skills, makes them comfortable before they move on to experiential education and internships.”

Next Phase in JWU’s Transformation
JWU Chancellor John J. Bowen '77 calls the new academic building an affirmation of JWU’s “commitment to Providence and Rhode Island, and to providing the best education possible for students from across the globe.”

It is fitting that the building has been named in honor of Chancellor Bowen, who has not only dedicated his professional career to JWU but has also helped shape the university’s transformation into the institution it is today.

In 2001, Chancellor Bowen envisioned the physical expansion of the Providence Campus through acquisition of land that would become available with I-195 re-alignment.

Now, 15 years later, due to his persistence and work with the State of Rhode Island and City of Providence, the center is the first building constructed on former I-195 land. When completing the purchase of the I-195 land in 2012, Bowen noted the area was integral to the future economic development of our city and state and hoped JWU’s plans for the land would serve as a catalyst for other private development to follow.

The Center for Science and Innovation marks an exciting new chapter in the university’s history.

Join Us on Facebook Live
On Thursday, anyone not able to make it to the physical dedication is welcome to watch on Facebook, starting at 10am sharp.

Center for Science and Innovation Dedication
Thu, Sep 1, 10am
75 Chestnut St. (adjacent to Johnson Hall)


The new Center for Science and Innovation at dawn. Photo: Mike Cohea

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