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From Concept to Execution: JWU Senior Design Portfolio Review

A guest flips through a student portfolio at JWU Providence’s School of Engineering & Design.

4/11/16 | Each term, Graphic Design & Digital Media students at JWU Providence’s School of Engineering & Design show off their design chops at a portfolio review.

Design professor Karyn Jimenez-Elliot captured their wide range of impressive work, from concept sketches to logos, identity systems and complete websites. (View her complete Flickr gallery here.)

Each student had a chance to talk about his or her creative process and present a selection of favorite work. The student designers are:

  • Sean Andrews
  • Jesse Beckerman
  • Briana Charbonneau
  • Taylor DellaPenna
  • Genevieve Dugan
  • Andrea Fish
  • Keegan Hernandez
  • Yessenia Jaime
  • Alex Lebon
  • Stephanie Lopez
  • Craig Nelson
  • Leeana Nito
  • Kendall Peterkin
  • Jiana Salvatore
  • Kadijah Smallwood
  • Emily Teter
  • Zachariah Vickers
  • Christopher Wynn
  • Kristopher Zurwell

There was plenty of ambitious work on display, including a complete identity system for Providence Parks (Cammie Niles, Emily Teter and Larren Witter), and a nontraditional tourism campaign for a traditional Tennessee whiskey company, Buckwood (Taylor DellaPenna).

Craig Nelson gave himself a unique challenge: To improve his ideation, branding and time management skills, he gave himself one hour a day to create a fictional brand and a companion logo. “The project helped me explore and experiment with color, type, illustration and iconography like I have never done before.”

Craig also collaborated with his classmates Travis Thurston and Andrea Fish on a stop-motion animation video for JWU Counseling Services. Watch it below:

Culinary/Design Collaboration Creates Menu Designs for Student Pop-Ups


Craig Nelson Portgolio: 30 Days of Logos project

Tennesse Whiskey Tour logo and posters

Environmental typeface designs

Identity system for Providence Parks

Sean Andrews designed his own logo, resume and business cards.

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