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Demystifying the Financial Aid Process

Financial aid planner speaking with a JWU student

9/29/16 | Just in time for the big news that the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is launching early this year, we asked Amy Podbelski, director of Undergraduate Admissions at JWU’s Providence Campus, and Lynn Robinson, vice president of Student Academic & Financial Services, to offer their advice for navigating the financial aid process.

How Will These Changes Affect You?
You can now apply for the FAFSA starting October 1; early applications will maximize your aid eligibility.

The actual process of filling out the FAFSA hasn’t changed. The US Department of Education has issued a checklist for gathering your documentation.

That said, questions about the process are inevitable. That’s where JWU’s team of planners can help.

Students Are Number 1
“Johnson & Wales is different when it comes to the financial aid process because we have a unique team of financial planners,” notes Robinson. “Those planners assist students to navigate the process from the beginning to the end.”

“Our students are really number 1,” explains Podbelski. “Faculty and staff really want to make sure that we put them first. And that’s really helping them through the process, making them feel comfortable and supporting them.”

Ask Questions — Lots of Them!
JWU Providence students Kimberly, Moises and Hannah check in frequently with their JWU financial planners.

“I’m actually really close to my financial advisor, and I go and visit her almost once a week,” notes Hannah. “We go through ... what’s expected, what my loans are going to look like when I’m done. I’m actually graduating a year early. I did that so I can save a lot of money and be better off for when I graduate and have less debt.”

“[Student Academic & Financial Services] is my second-place home,” adds Kimberly. “They’re always here to answer your questions. Don’t be afraid to go right in!”

Ultimately, notes Podbelski, “[helping students find] their niche here, exploring the opportunities and ... walking across that stage at Commencement is really what it’s all about.”




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