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Charlotte Commencement Celebrates New Beginnings

Joyous new grad at JWU Charlotte’s 13th Commencement ceremony.

5/23/18 | Bailie McEntire '18 remembers crying in her residence hall her freshman year. She was 500 miles from her home in Florida, and terrified. “All I could think was how alone I was and how was I possibly going to get through the next 4 years. That day I decided I was either going to have to hide in my room for the remainder of college or get outside my comfort zone and make some new friends.”

Bailie took center stage for her role as student speaker inside Spectrum Arena during JWU Charlotte’s 13th Commencement ceremony. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Sports, Entertainment, Event — Management, and served as the president of the Student Alumni Association (SAA) for nearly 3 years.

Sit back + bask in the glory of your accomplishments.”

“I made a choice to go to a meeting on campus for Study Abroad and by chance met a student who was involved with SAA. I am so thankful for my choice to attend that meeting because being a member of SAA truly shaped my time at JWU.”

Charlotte Campus President Tarun Malik welcomed the Class of 2018 with a bit of humor. “I know that some of you began your celebrations as soon as the final exam was completed! But now I ask you all to take this time to sit back, bask in the glory of your accomplishments and take pride in your university while we honor you.”

Dennis Thompson, founder and co-chairman of the board of nationwide restaurant chain Firebirds International LLC, received an honorary Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). He zeroed in on teamwork as he shared his experiences developing his own restaurants: “I determined I needed financial assistance as I was not good with numbers and flunked accounting in college. Just remember, you cannot do it all. Focus on your talents and learn to work as a team with others. After many years in the restaurant business, I have learned that what is most important is to focus on working in a culture where you are happy and enjoy your work, but also leave time for family, friends and relationships.”

As President Malik announced that it was time to turn their tassels, right to left, cheers erupted. They proudly filed out of the arena, celebrating a new beginning.

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Student speaker Bailie McEntire '18

Newly-minted Charlotte grad.

Wildcat Willie poses with new grads.

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