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Promoters Share Advice for Making the ‘Best Concert Possible’

Over the course of a whirlwind tour with Canadian rapper Drake, Dan Saldarini watched in amazement as the audiences ballooned from 50 people to more than 50,000. “It was a trial by fire,” the president of Pretty Polly Productions, a Massachusetts-based promoter of college music events, told the crowd of hospitality students at JWU’s Schneider Auditorium.

Student Earns National Hospitality + Event Scholarships

Rita Ellis '20 has had a whirlwind year: She interned for a hotel, volunteered at a homeless shelter, and worked for a marketing/PR firm all while starting her MBA and completing her bachelor’s degree. Her ambition and accomplishments haven't gone unnoticed.

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Yalla Yalla! Tourism Students Take Egyptian Adventure

“Yalla Yalla!” means “let’s go!” in Arabic, and was a term that 20 JWU students learned during their FAM trip to Egypt. Students majoring in Tourism & Hospitality Management at JWU get to plan and lead a FAM (familiarization) trip to a foreign location. When I found out I would be heading to Egypt for my FAM trip, I was in complete shock.

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My Internship at Collette: Learning Tourism from the Inside

Rachel Jordan '19 is a Tourism & Hospitality Management major who recently interned at Collette. Rachel has a love for all things travel related and has already visited 26 countries. She shares her internship experience here, along with some advice about internships for other students.

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JWU Opens Game-Changing SEEM Lab

It’s an exciting time for the Sports, Entertainment, Event — Management (SEEM) major and for the College of Hospitality Management as a whole. On Sept. 17, the much-anticipated and beautifully appointed Delaware North SEEM Lab opened with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the beginning of a dynamic and innovative era for hospitality education at JWU.

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Exploring Living History and Hospitality in Greece

Imagine immersing yourself fully in another culture — to learn its history; explore its architecture, art, and beautifully preserved ruins; and even learn about your own chosen industry through its lens. A group of 27 JWU hospitality students recently did just that.

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Life Lessons in Leadership from Bigelow Tea’s Cindi Bigelow

Self-reflection was a huge theme of Cindi Bigelow’s recent visit to JWU’s Providence Campus. As the inaugural speaker of the university’s Visiting Industry Professional (VIP) Speaker Series, Bigelow Tea’s president and CEO was happy to share her accrued experience and wisdom — but she was quick to emphasize that leadership is not about ego.

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JWU’s Tiefel Project Examines the Benefits of Hospitality Diversity Programs

For the hospitality industry, diversity and inclusion are more than just hot-button topics — they are core issues affecting employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and the overall public perception of hotels, restaurants, and airlines. Yet, ensuring that equitable policies — both forward-facing and as part of an organization’s internal DNA — are in place and implemented consistently is a tall order. Major stumbles have proven costly to the companies that make them, both in terms of public relations and lost revenue. And social media only amplifies company missteps.

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8 Days in Ecuador, One Life-Changing Trip


Entering JWU as a first-year student in Tourism & Hospitality Management, you hear rumors about the infamous FAM Tour — familiarization tours that all Tourism & Hospitality Management students are required to complete before graduation. The trip is with a group of like-minded students, all pursuing a career in the travel and tourism industry.

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My Moroccan Adventure: A Trek Through the Sahara

In every Tourism & Hospitality Management students’ academic career at JWU, they have the opportunity to travel abroad with fellow classmates on the trip of a lifetime. This trip, known to students as a FAM trip, is the highlight of many students’ experience at Johnson & Wales.

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