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Graphic Design Students Rock JWU Equinox Concert Promotion

Do graphic design students at JWU have fun? Just ask Shawn Updike ’20, Timothy Nugent ’21, Erin Young ’20 and Nathan Spinetti ’20, also known as the Forward Design team, who for the last few weeks have been designing the graphics to help promote the JWU Equinox: Blend the Sounds concert.

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JWU’s Edzer Roukema Competes at Pixels of Fury NYC 2019

When you’re a graphic designer working in New York City, anything can happen. Just last week Edzer Roukema ’15 faced-off against 5 other designers at the annual Pixels of Fury competition. During the live event, 6 contestants sat at their computers for only 20 minutes as hundreds of their adoring fans cheered them on while they worked furiously to beat the clock. Their challenge? Creating the biggest villain Hollywood has ever seen.

Topics: Graphic Design Providence

Graphic Design at JWU: Designing Solutions + Solving Problems

Find the right design solution for a client? No sweat. Rebrand a company’s logo? Kid stuff. Create illustrations from concept to finish? Easy. Impress faculty and industry insiders in the process?
Killin’ it.

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