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Engineering Design and Occupational Therapy Students Find Common Ground Over Coffee

The connection between engineering design and occupational therapy might not seem obvious at first, but add a little coffee into the mix and things start to make sense. At least that’s what JWU faculty Amy Wagenfeld, Walter Zesk and Jonathan Harris were hoping for when they decided to have their classes meet over coffee for a unique collaboration focusing both on design and accessibility.

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The ‘Stranger Things’ and JWU Connection: Edzer Roukema '15

Some ad campaigns on social media take off with such force and speed that it’s easy for some to miss the details behind the scenes. That’s where you’ll find Edzer Roukema ’15 — a Graphic Design alum currently working as a digital designer at Ralph and Co., where he’s been the mastermind behind such popular projects as Netflix’s “Stranger Things” 80s movie theme poster campaign.

With the release of “Stranger Things 3” set for later this week, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to reconnect with Roukema to get a sense about what it’s like to work on such an iconic and fun project.

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JWU Seniors Show Off Design Work at REVEAL 2019


Step inside the gallery space of JWU’s College of Engineering & Design from now until September for a unique look into the vibrant world of student designers as part of this year’s REVEAL Senior Showcase. Draped over the 10 standing walls, and all along the first-floor hallways, you’ll find carefully selected pieces showcasing designs representing anything from logo and package design work for apparel and shoes, to wayfinding signage and infographics, to personal branding and more.

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JWU Chartered and Inducted into Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society

Johnson & Wales University recently became the second university in Rhode Island to be chartered as a beta chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE). In all, 34 students and alumni, as well as two faculty members, from the College of Engineering & Design were inducted as members of the international computer science honor society.

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Best of Student Design and Engineering Work on Exhibit

JWU’s College of Engineering & Design hosted its 10th Annual EXHIBIT Student Design & Engineering Conference opening this past week to showcase the amazing work coming out of the college.

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JWU Students Collaborate to Design a Better Restaurant Experience

What makes a good restaurant? Is it the food? The atmosphere? Whatever it is, customers want to find an experience that speaks to them — a place that keeps them coming back for more. With this in mind, six student groups representing engineering design, graphic design and culinary arts collaborated for 11 weeks to conceptualize and design restaurants to meet that challenge. They also set out to impress five potential investors, competing for the top two spots to launch their business ventures.

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JWU Hacks: Students Focus on Winning MLH Hackathons

A group of students at JWU’s College of Engineering & Design are extra busy this year. They’re working on earning points to make JWU the university with the highest participation in Major League Hacking (MLH) events this year.

They’re making their mark. Since February, they’ve been to nine hackathons, picking up awards along the way and gaining tons of experience.

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Top Employers Meet JWU Students at Technology Career Fair

“The well-roundedness of JWU students is pretty much second to none,” says Kevin Longo ’06, solutions engineer at OSHEAN. Longo, along with 14 other top industry companies met with students at this week’s Technology Career Fair. Their goal: finding their next superstar intern, co-op trainee or employee at JWU.

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JWU Connects to Design Community at Design Week RI

When you think about Rhode Island, you might think small, right? If you aren’t from here, you might even think of “lobsters and mobsters.” Or the classic “it’s part of New York, isn’t it?”

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First JWU Student-Designed Piece Installed in Providence

Ali Aljassas ’17 is ambitious. One of his goals in life is to fly into a city and see the buildings he’s designed staring back at him. Today he’s closer to that dream. His street benches, or Conversation Trees, are the first JWU student-designed piece to be installed in the City of Providence.

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