JWU College of Engineering & Design

JWU Students Collaborate to Design a Better Restaurant Experience

What makes a good restaurant? Is it the food? The atmosphere? Whatever it is, customers want to find an experience that speaks to them — a place that keeps them coming back for more. With this in mind, six student groups representing engineering design, graphic design and culinary arts collaborated for 11 weeks to conceptualize and design restaurants to meet that challenge. They also set out to impress five potential investors, competing for the top two spots to launch their business ventures.

Topics: Culinary Arts Providence Engineering + Design

JWU Hacks: Students Focus on Winning MLH Hackathons

A group of students at JWU’s College of Engineering & Design are extra busy this year. They’re working on earning points to make JWU the university with the highest participation in Major League Hacking (MLH) events this year.

They’re making their mark. Since February, they’ve been to nine hackathons, picking up awards along the way and gaining tons of experience.

Topics: Providence Engineering + Design MLH Hackathons