JWU College of Engineering & Design

Graphic Design at JWU: Designing Solutions + Solving Problems

Find the right design solution for a client? No sweat. Rebrand a company’s logo? Kid stuff. Create illustrations from concept to finish? Easy. Impress faculty and industry insiders in the process?
Killin’ it.

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JWU Hosts Top Employers at Technology Career Fair

More than 100 students from JWU’s College of Engineering & Design stopped in at this year’s Technology Career Fair to network with 15+ of the top companies in the industry.  

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JWU’s Innovation Lab: Makers Welcome

If you’re a maker, JWU’s Innovation Lab will become your second home at our College of Engineering & Design. It’s where you’ll spend your time away from class, tinkering, creating, building and inventing the next big thing. It’s also where you’ll find Assistant Professor Jeff Tagen, who’s managed the lab since 2013.

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