Chef’s Tables: Southern Sea


Chef’s Tables at JWU are a little like “Restaurant Wars” on “Top Chef”: a team of students design and execute their own restaurant concept, starting with a unified theme. The chefs are then paired with student designers from Deana Marzocchi’s Design Solutions class, who help them flesh out a visual identity for their concept, including a logo, menu designs and table settings.

Tasty Branding: JWU Design Students Bring Food Companies to Life

Food is a visual medium — so naturally, designing food packaging brings out the playful side of JWU Providence’s Graphic Design & Digital Media students. Professor Karyn Jimenez-Elliott’s Advanced Print class recently had the task of conceptualizing and designing an identity system for a hypothetical beverage company.

Sneak Peek: Pop-up Taquería

Go behind the scenes of Casa de Carabelas, a pop-up taqueria run by JWU students.

Teamwork, leadership and cooperation: JWU assistant professor Brian Connors '93 shows you what it takes to run an authentic taquería in his senior-level Food Service Operations Management class.