Got Resolutions? 10 Ways to Eat Healthier This January (And Beyond)

Registered dietitian and JWU Providence Assistant Professor Chef Jonathan Poyourow making healthy pumpkin pancakes with his sous chef, son Sean.

After a busy and food-filled holiday season, many of us make January a time to cut back, take stock and re-prioritize.

Not sure where to start with your New You resolutions? JWU culinary nutrition experts and staff members from various campus departments share 10 tips to make 2016 a healthier, stress-free year.

Ask the JWU Expert: How to Pair Wine + Cheese

JWU Providence Associate Professor Ed Korry breaks down the elements that make wine + cheese such perfect BFFs. | Photo: Ed Korry

Cheese, glorious cheese! Perfect by itself — but even better with a glass or two of wine.

But the whole process of creating perfect wine + cheese pairings can be daunting. There’s a lot of confusing information out there. So many rules! So many contradictions! What pairing principles are the most sound?