SoundBites: 2015 Commencement Edition

Kelly Dull of North Bakery at the 2015 #TasteOfJWU
Happy start of summer, Wildcats! Have a cookie. (Pictured: Kelly Dull of North Bakery.)

Happy Friday! #JWU15 undergraduate Commencement is just one day away. We’re excited for our soon-to-be graduates —  and for the start of summer. Here’s to your next great adventure, Wildcats!

Some inspirational words from Providence Campus President Mim Runey at the 2015 Graduate & Doctoral Commencement:

The College of Culinary Arts here in Providence said farewell to 10 graduating Teaching Assistants: (left) Linnea Shorey, Marcos Rincon, Priscilla Martinez, Jacqueline Price, and Charles Dottore. (right) Travis Harmon, Steven Dominguez, Dylan Miller, Julian DellaPorta, and Darren Veilleux.

On the blog, we took a sneak peek into Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s flagship restaurant in New York City.

And lastly, we posted a few of our favorite #JWUReunion15 #TasteOfJWU pix!