Culinary Eye: Go Behind the Scenes of Conscious Cuisine

Chef TJ Delle Donne + a student fist-bump after a successful Chefs Tables service.

Teamwork makes the dream work: Darren Walls '18 captures a great moment between Chef TJ and student Dylan in the middle of senior-level class, Conscious Cuisine. Photo: Darren Walls

Instagram has become a great medium for JWU culinary students to document their class projects, build their portfolios and capture life in culinary school.

Sophomore Darren Walls recently Instagrammed the final projects for Conscious Cuisine, one of the 3 labs (and one academic course) that make up JWU’s Wellness & Sustainability elective. His photos offer a fantastic chef’s-eye view of the intensity, boundless creativity, focus, and, yes, fun of being in the kitchen.

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” he writes on a photo of a student chef fist-bumping his instructor, Chef TJ Delle Donne.

On a photo of a student-created table setting, Darren writes: “This picture alone is one of the biggest things that drives me to become a better cook ... the creative mind of a Chef. Chefs know how most foods go together and how the colors contrast that makes plates beautiful and delicious.”

On another: “Are you as hungry as I am?” (To answer your question: Yes, we are!)

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Curious to learn more about Conscious Cuisine? Watch our video.

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Colorful sauces, all in a row

Students working on a dish

Fall root vegetables cooking in a cast iron pan

Crushing cashews for service

A beautiful salad of local greens

Shrimp and grits

Spooning foam over a dish

Cornucopia table setting

Guests sitting down to eat


A day of hard work ends with a group hug.

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