Cross-Major Collaboration: Bringing Pop-Up Restaurant Concepts to Life

Design student Briana Ferraioli and students from Chef Delle Donne's Conscious Cuisine class

A colorful array of veggies and leafy greens, votive candles, fresh flowers, and seashells were just some of the components of the center pieces displayed on the tables of Chef TJ Delle Donne and Chef Joseph Melanson’s Conscious Cuisine classes.

Over the course of two days, teams of students prepared and served tasting menus they developed as part of their end of term assessment. But before diners dove into their first course, Graphic Design & Digital Media student designers from Professor Deana Marzocchi’s Design Solutions class took a moment to explain the restaurant concepts they had worked with the culinary students to create.

Menus ranged from locally caught and freshly prepared seafood to contemporary fare and southern style cuisine. 

Each team of culinary students was assigned at least one design student (in some cases the design students worked in teams of two) that they worked closely with to create a brand for their pop-up restaurant. From the logo and name to the color scheme and typeface, the cross-major teams collaborated to create cohesive, professional concepts that complemented each menu. A total of 8 teams presented their concepts to diners from across the Providence Campus.

Menus from Chef Melanson's Conscious Cuisine class

Chef Delle Donne’s class:

Culinary students: Jasmine De La Cruz, Delthie Faye, Jacquelin Houatchanthara, Kim Solomon
Desinger: Ray Nunez

Culinary students: Kyle Oliverio, Sean Martin, Luis Alvarado, Jasmine Watson, Natalie Kehlbeck
Designer: Taryn Hann

Blue Bay
Culinary students: Kate LaGow, Natalia Gattuso, Alexis Ritter, Veronica Ferron
Designer: Karissa Palmer

Copper Onion
Felicia Barrett, Dillon Peavy, Domaniq Jacinto, Ricardo Robert, Ayo Zahra
Designer: Briana Ferraioli

Chef Melanson’s class:

Culinary students: Fransico Torrado, Andrew Choi, McKeinze Mahn, Angelina Jorge
Designers: Genevieve Dugan and Nicole Hudon

Culinary students: Berkin Uyger, Alek Mercer, Apoorva Prakash, Tyler Poole
Designers: Mike Dulski and Tenesha Day

Culinary students: Jaime De La Cruz, Theressa Gomes, Cara Misch, Blaine Ramarui, Rain Brown
Designers: Shane Ranger and Jordan Lozier

Culinary students: Mariela Baez, Kaylee Paulson, Niallah Cooper-Scruggs, Mike Mangione
Designers: Claire Elko and Kadijah Smallwood

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the following photos were taken by the JWU Design Department.

Graphic Design & Digital Media student explaining the concept behind pop-up restaurant Paradigm

Fruit and vegetable center piece at Ambrosia’s table

Close ups of design details for Copper Onion

Greeting table set up outside on the culinary classroom

To-go boxes containing baklava

The table setting at Copper Onion

Designer Karissa Palmer with her group from Blue Bay pop up restaurant

Inside and outside views of Driftwood’s menu


Professor Marzocchi with half of her student designers

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