How Daylan Torres Baked His Way to WorldSkills 2019 in Russia

This past June, JWU Providence Baking & Pastry Arts student Daylan Torres traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, to compete in a commercial baking competition that’s part of the massive annual SkillsUSA National Leadership & Skills Conference.

Saving our Seas: Can Seafood Truly Be Sustainable?

Is truly sustainable seafood possible? How can we maintain the ocean’s ecological balance while still enjoying its bounty? What role can technology play in increasing the safety and traceability of our seafood supply?

These questions and more were debated by chefs, restaurateurs, researchers and entrepreneurs at the Jacques Pépin Foundation’s inaugural Seafood Symposium, which was hosted at JWU Providence’s College of Culinary Arts with the support of the Chefs Collaborative and Save the Bay.

99 Bottles: The Brewlab Experience

For Drew DuBoff, a senior studying food service management (with a special focus on beverage management), JWU’s Study Abroad programs offer incredible opportunities to travel, shift perspective and explore a particular area of interest in greater detail. So far, he’s headed to Germany, France and the Azores to study wine. This summer, he immersed himself in the brewing arts at the world-renowned Brewlab in Sunderland, England. Read on:

Soul Food Sessions Celebrate Culinary Diversity + Heritage in the Queen City

As Gabby James '20 was plating up a dish during during the June 19 edition of Soul Food Sessions, Charlotte’s African-American chef series, she wished her grandmother could have been there: To her, the event was “like another stepping stone for us. That was our freedom for us to show our true talents in cooking and in leadership and it shows we’re stronger together than we are apart.”