‘Find Your True North’: Vitamix CEO On Tapping into Your Potential

Vitamix CEO Jodi Berg kicked off her recent talk at JWU Providence’s College of Culinary Arts by cutting right to the chase: “When I was 30, I had a near-death experience that completely changed my perspective. Today, I am going to give you a nugget of something that you hopefully won’t have to have a near-death experience to discover!”

JWU Study Abroad: A Weekend in Roma

It’s no wonder that Italy is a popular destination for JWU students who decide to study abroad. The country has it all: Food! Fashion! History! Iconic architecture! And did we mention food? (Yes, indeed.) Here, JWU Providence culinary arts major Katelyn Colantonio shares a recent weekend trip to Rome. Watch this space for more of her Study Abroad adventures in Florence!