Plating 101: Contrast and Balance in Food Presentation

The art of plating is all about contrast. JWU Providence Chef Branden Lewis recently led a master class in plating and presentation for College of Culinary Arts students of all experience levels. Here’s some of what they learned:

Exploring the Culinary Riches of Ireland

GUEST POST: Samantha Riley is a JWU Providence baking & pastry student who is spending the term studying in Ireland. She regularly blogs about her travels for JWU Admissions, but she also loves writing about food. Here is her overview of the Irish food scene. Take it away, Samantha!

Tasty Branding: JWU Design Students Bring Food Companies to Life

Food is a visual medium — so naturally, designing food packaging brings out the playful side of JWU Providence’s Graphic Design & Digital Media students. Professor Karyn Jimenez-Elliott’s Advanced Print class recently had the task of conceptualizing and designing an identity system for a hypothetical beverage company.

JWU North Miami Serves Up a Plant-Powered Vegan Dinner

Dinner guests at JWU North Miami’s recent vegan feast, l-r: Lawrence Krug + Sandy Pukel (Holistic Holiday at Sea), Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur, President Larry Rice, Amanda Edun, Chef Chris Wagner, Irene Coroalles | Back Row: Julie Frans + Alison Burgos (SEED Food & Wine Festival), Trent Aric (WPLG-10), Jacey Birch (WPLG-10), Jordan Fickess, Laine Doss (Miami New Times) + Robyn Hankerson

JWU’s North Miami Campus runs on plant power, literally: President Larry Rice and master chef Chris Wagner are both longtime vegans. Wagner, a dedicated gardener, oversees the campus’ Edible Garden, which supplies culinary classes with a year-round supply of vegetables, fruits and herbs — including rare varieties like açai palm, sweet edible bamboo, kaffir lime and guava.

The Edible Garden was the location of a recent vegan feast highlighting the creativity and deliciousness of vegan cuisine.