Best of 2015: Plating Hacks, Alum Advice + a Culinary History Lesson

We started this blog this year so we’d have a place to really dig deep into all things culinary at JWU. It’s been a fun ride — we hope you think so too!

In case you’re just discovering us, here are the top 10 posts from the past year.

Modernist Cuisine 101: The Evolution of Future Food

JWU chefs surround Chris Young as he demonstrates how to use a vacuum sealer. | Photo: Patrick O’Connor

The science of how cooking works is a crucial aspect of every JWU student’s culinary education — in fact, it’s a core component of our freshman Foundation courses.

But with an interest in so-called “modernist cuisine” (“molecular gastronomy” is also common) on the rise — nearly every one of our campuses has a Modernist Cuisine Club — we decided to explore the history of this revolutionary and deeply technical style of cooking.

JWU Careers: How to Stand Out in the Food Service Job Market


Scenes from the 2015 Food Service and Hospitality Career Fair.

More than 1,500 employers visit JWU campuses each year, including career fairs and events geared to specific majors.

At the most recent Food Service & Hospitality Career Fair, the floor of the Harborside Athletic Complex was standing room only as thousands of students practiced their elevator speeches, swapped business cards and connected with their dream companies.