‘Simplicity Is Key’: Career Advice from Chef Ed Scarpone

Distinguished Visiting Chef Ed Scarpone '09 talked about his first day at JWU Providence: “Every day, everybody starts from scratch.”

Everybody starts from scratch. Walking in to his first day of culinary labs as a freshman at JWU’s Providence Campus, Edward Scarpone '09 was unaware of the life he was embarking on.

Culinary Eye: Go Behind the Scenes of Conscious Cuisine

Teamwork makes the dream work: Darren Walls '18 captures a great moment between Chef TJ and student Dylan in the middle of senior-level class, Conscious Cuisine. Photo: Darren Walls

Instagram has become a great medium for JWU culinary students to document their class projects, build their portfolios and capture life in culinary school.

Sophomore Darren Walls recently Instagrammed the final projects for Conscious Cuisine, one of the 3 labs (and one academic course) that make up JWU’s Wellness & Sustainability elective. His photos offer a fantastic chef’s-eye view of the intensity, boundless creativity, focus, and, yes, fun of being in the kitchen.