Ask the JWU Expert: How to Pair Wine + Cheese

JWU Providence Associate Professor Ed Korry breaks down the elements that make wine + cheese such perfect BFFs. | Photo: Ed Korry

Cheese, glorious cheese! Perfect by itself — but even better with a glass or two of wine.

But the whole process of creating perfect wine + cheese pairings can be daunting. There’s a lot of confusing information out there. So many rules! So many contradictions! What pairing principles are the most sound?

Derek Wagner to JWU Students: ‘Happy Cooks Make Happy Food’

Nicks on Broadway chef-owner Derek Wagner '99 speaking at JWU as a Distinguished Visiting Chef (DVC).

With his broad smile and down-to-earth enthusiasm, Derek Wagner '99 could pass for a culinary student. But this JWU alum and acclaimed chef-owner of Providence institution Nicks on Broadway has a wealth of experience — and he’s passionate about sharing it.

Study Abroad: My Summer Internship in Orvieto, Italy

While on Study Abroad to Italy, Baking & Pastry student Samantha traveled to coastal Cinque Terre | Photo: Samantha Adams

Baking & pastry student (now alumna) Samantha knew that her 8-week internship in Italy would change her life, but had no idea how much.

When she arrived in the tiny town of Orvieto, she didn’t speak the language and was nervous about working in Restaurant Zeppelin’s foreign kitchen.

Soon she was helping Chef Lorenzo Polegri on big catering jobs and prepping for his summer cooking classes. She loved every minute — and she gained a sense of confidence that can only come from living and working in a completely new environment. Sam’s story: