Andreas Schreiner: How We Grew Pubbelly from a Dream into an Empire

Pubbelly’s Andreas Schreiner (center) flanked by JWU North Miami culinary students.
As founding partner + managing director of the Pubbelly Group, Andreas Schreiner oversees a growing empire of Miami hotspots, including Pubbelly, Barceloneta and the new L’Echon Brasserie.


But, as he recently told a packed house of JWU culinary and hospitality students, he wasn’t even sure anyone was going to show up on Pubbelly’s opening night. “Everything that could go wrong, went wrong,” he laughed.

2015 RI Seafood Challenge: What’s Scup?

The 2015 RI Seafood Challenge is all about finding a market for scup, an “underloved” local fish.

What’s scup? Most Rhode Islanders don’t know about this plentiful local fish — or that RI is its largest harvester.

Last week, JWU Providence’s College of Culinary Arts and the Rhode Island Sea Grant joined forces for the 2015 Rhode Island Seafood Challenge, an annual event designed to create a thriving market for scup, also known as porgy.

Class x Class: Conscious Cuisine

Welcome to Conscious Cuisine Chef’s Tables: Students powwow before service (left) and a final plate of crudo with hibiscus, beet + sorrel.

How do you get the next generation of chefs to care about food sourcing, ethics and conservation? Conscious Cuisine is one of the 3 labs (and one academic course) that make up JWU’s Wellness & Sustainability elective.

Mark Ladner + Lena Kwak Talk Gluten-Free Innovation

Gluten-free flour power: Pasta Flyer’s Mark Ladner '90 + Lena Kwak '07 of Cup4Cup

VIDEO: JWU alumni Lena Kwak (Cup4Cup) and Mark Ladner (Del Posto/Pasta Flyer) chat about elevating gluten-free products, the power of mentorship + why culinary learning never ends.