Ladner + Brenner Have Fun with the Science of Cooking

JWU alum Mark Ladner '90 dropping science (and Peeps) at Brown University. | Photo: Peggy Lo

M&M throwing. Egg whisking. Peep flinging. Harvard’s Michael Brenner + Del Posto’s executive chef (and JWU alum) Mark Ladner '90 explored the fun side of the science of cooking in their recent Brown University lecture.

Sneak Peek: Pop-up Taquería

Go behind the scenes of Casa de Carabelas, a pop-up taqueria run by JWU students.

Teamwork, leadership and cooperation: JWU assistant professor Brian Connors '93 shows you what it takes to run an authentic taquería in his senior-level Food Service Operations Management class.

Class x Class: Wellness & Sustainability

Precision plating in the JWU Providence class Plant-Based Cuisine | Photo: Chef Branden Lewis

“Educating a chef isn’t just about techniques and recipes,” the Providence Journal’s Gail Ciampa writes in her recent profile of JWU’s Wellness & Sustainability elective.

Husk’s Sean Brock on His Evolution as a Chef

Sean Brock '00 of Husk, McCrady’s + Minero | Photo: Andrea Behrends

For Sean Brock '00, '14 Hon., being a chef is about learning every single minute of every day.

Early inspiration from Harold McGee’s “On Food & Cooking” sent him on a culinary journey from sci-fi food to kitchen systems. He talked to us about his evolution as a chef. Take it away, Sean!

SoundBites: James Beard Awards, Twitter Edition

James Beard Award semifinalist Champe Speidel’s salmon carpaccio from Persimmon | Photo: Peter Goldberg

The 2015 James Beard Foundation Awards semifinalists were announced on February 18. We decided to congratulate them all by tweeting out a tribute to each of them, one by one. We’ve storified them here in one place.