Best of 2015: Plating Hacks, Alum Advice + a Culinary History Lesson

Students from the Cooking Asia club create a scup dish for the 2015 Seafood Challenge

We started this blog this year so we’d have a place to really dig deep into all things culinary at JWU. It’s been a fun ride — we hope you think so too!

In case you’re just discovering us, here are the top 10 posts from the past year.

Scup, AKA porgy, a plentiful RI fish.

2015’s Top Stories

  1. How JWU Charlotte’s Team USA Baked Their Way to Munich’s IBA Cup
  2. My Amazing Summer Internship at Bouchon
  3. “Simplicity Is Key”: Career Advice from DBGB DC’s Ed Scarpone
  4. How I Got a James Beard Grant to Work at Matt Jennings’ Townsman
  5. Culinary Eye: Go Behind the Scenes of Conscious Cuisine
  6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Lunchbox Miami Makes a #ZeroWaste Statement
  7. Sneak Peek: ‘Mind of a Chef’ Season 4
  8. 2015 RI Seafood Challenge: What’s Scup?
  9. The Art of Plating with Mark Ladner, Timon Balloo, JacquesLM + More
  10. Modernist Cuisine 101: The Evolution of Future Food

What’s Next?

We want to know what you’d most like to see in 2016! More interviews with alums? Photo-heavy Study Abroad stories? More student guest posts? Tell us!

Better yet, send us your story ideas! Tweet @jwuculinarynow or email Andrea.Feldman(at)jwu.edu.

Thanks for reading + sharing. See you next year!

Miles of perfect pastel-colored Bouchon macarons. | Photo: Isabella Tioseco

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