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2017 ADTEAM at National Student Advertising Competition

Joining JWU Providence’s ADTEAM — 2017 winner of the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) — is an option open to JWU students of any major. At a recent meeting for students interested in joining the ADTEAM or the ADCLUB, more than 60 students attended to hear from Associate Professors Oscar Chilabato and Christine Ure, who explained what the organizations are all about.

What is the Difference?
The ADCLUB is for students to learn and create through Instagram meetups, ad agency visits, guest speakers, trainings, volunteering and career conferences, and to connect to the people and skills needed to get “really cool jobs.”

The ADTEAM is for creating an advertising campaign to compete in the NSAC, held by the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Some of last year’s team members are back for another round, while new members will learn what it takes to be on the No. 1 team.

The key requirement is commitment.”
2017 ADTEAM Presentation

What Does It Take?

Chilabato, who put the first ADTEAM together in 1999, said, “The key requirement is commitment. We find that many students have great intentions at the beginning but the demands required to do high-level work is a problem for some.”

What should new members expect? You’ll put in a lot of hours, do your best work, and spend lots of time with your teammates from October through April. If we win the district and semi-final competitions, you’ll keep working through June for the national competition in Chicago.

A Spot Just for You
JWU’s ADTEAM has positions to match almost any interest and skill. Want to be a writer, designer or researcher? Are you into social media, photography or blogging? The ADTEAM is a great way to put your skills to work and learn about the world of advertising along the way.

We pride ourselves on being super strategic.”

ADTEAM Mentors Oscar Chilabato and Christine Ure

How Does It Work?
Every year the NSAC has a different corporate sponsor, which is also the client. The 2018 client is Ocean Spray, the world’s leading producer of cranberry juices, juice drinks and dried cranberries.

Competing student teams from 15 regions in the US develop a marketing plan, based on a specific marketing challenge of the client, and then pitch their work to a panel of advertising professionals for the competition.

Research and strategy are key to the campaigns. “We believe strongly that all students, regardless of where they see themselves after graduation, must understand the underpinning insights that came from lots of research … we discourage jumping too quickly to conclusions and have students carefully critique their ideas and strategies to be sure they map back to objectives. We pride ourselves on being super strategic.”

A JWU Tradition
Since Chilabato put the first ADTEAM together in 1999, JWU has competed in the NSAC every year since. The 2018 NSAC marks Chilabato’s 20th and Ure’s 13th.

VIDEO: Watch the historic win of the 2017 JWU ADTEAM and experience their excitement:

Explore how the ADTEAM and ADCLUB work and how to get involved in this presentation:

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