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Marketing Students Advise a Global Company

If it seems hard to imagine a group of college kids creating a business plan for an international company, then you’ve probably never met a college kid from JWU.

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JWU Takes NYC: A Tour of Facebook Headquarters

Welcome to the East Coast hub of all things Facebook, where the ideas flow and the magic happens. And, no — we aren’t talking about Mark Zuckerburg’s old college dorm room — we’re talking about the multi-million dollar New York City headquarters that JWU students got the chance to tour.

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A Class Instagram Competition Teaches Students How to Get #InstaGood At Social Media

You might not get as many likes as Kylie Jenner, but you can definitely boost your Instagram game with some of these tips from  JWU's Social Media Marketing class. 

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Kathy Ensor ’18: Making the Most of Her Time at JWU

As leader on the ice and in the classroom, Kathy Ensor ’18 is making the most of all that JWU Providence has to offer during her time as a student-athlete in the College of Business. Having traveled more than 1,100 miles from her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, Ensor knew early on that she was interested in majoring in Accounting. “JWU’s career focus curriculum allowed me to take classes related to my major in my first year, which solidified my choice in pursuing an Accounting degree,” she said. “JWU also gave me the opportunity to play both hockey and lacrosse at the collegiate level.” This is Ensor’s second season as captain of the JWU women’s ice hockey team.

One of Ensor’s most memorable and influential professors is Corey Smith, associate professor. “I have a lot of respect for him because he’s also a partner at a public accounting firm,” she said. “He always relates the material we’re learning in the classroom to how it applies in the industry. I had him as a professor early on in my first year, and he really emphasized the power and flexibility an accounting degree gives you.”

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From Coast to Coast: JWU Students Chat with California-Based Ad Agency

Earlier this week, students at the Providence Campus had the chance to talk with associates from RPA Advertising, an advertising and marketing agency headquartered in Santa Monica, California. The special “Office Hours” event gave 15 students the chance to connect one-on-one with an RPA employee on the other side of the country for a 20-minute video chat session.

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