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Learning, Living + Ballroom Dancing in Khayelitsha Township

Just outside of Cape Town is the township of Khayelitsha. We were given a tour of the township by a woman named Elise Elsing.

Elise has her own nonprofit organization that helps raise money to build new schools, daycares and buildings in the township of Khayelitsha.

We stopped by some of the buildings that she has built and it was truly inspirational the impact that she has made on the community. Here are a few photos of Khayelitsha and the different daycares we stopped by.






After visiting the different schools and daycares, we stopped at the Nobantu Center for lunch. The Nobantu Center is a place for children to go after school and participate in sports, arts and crafts and even ballroom dancing.

That’s right: The kids in this township compete competively in ballroom dancing. Their group of dancers performed for us and I was shocked by the level of talent these young kids had. The kids even tried to teach us a few moves. Khayelitsha was an eye-opening experience and really exposes you to the history and culture of South Africa.


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