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Haggis and Whisky and Cod, Oh My!

JWU North Miami student Jacqueline Gonzalez-Cuba's culinary journey through Scotland continues with Jacqueline savoring haggis, cod and oh yes, a little whisky. Don't worry, she's 26 years old.

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My Journey Through Italy

Ciao from Italy! JWU Charlotte student Alexandra Everhart is currently traveling through Italy as a part of the Baking & Pastry Study Abroad program. She's marveling at the beauty of Italy and becoming excited to start work at the world-renowned Fedora Pastry Shop.

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Mistakes We Made Before Studying Abroad (Part III)

 Angelina Jorge concludes her "Mistakes We Made Before Studing Abroad" series with a realistic look at what students need to leave at home, and what they should bring on their journey. Stamina & drive? Bring em'! Impatience & intolerance? No room!

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Studying Abroad: When Something Goes Wrong…

JWU student Angelina Jorge takes readers on the roller coaster ride that is her study abroad experience in Costa Rica. The ride can be extreme, but the support of family, friend and peers makes it worth the ups and downs.

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Mistakes We Made Before Studying Abroad (Part II)

 Angelina Jorge delivers her 2nd part of the ‘Mistakes We Made Before Studying Abroad’ series.  

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