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My First Adventures in Singapore



So I'm finally here in Singapore!

The plane ride wasn't too bad. I watched free movies and played video games the whole time. Overall, it took somewhere around 22 hours to make it here with a layover in Japan, but it has all been well worth it!

The first day started off with an orientation and sociall hour from my school host At Sunrice here in Singapore. They made us food from different islands from all across Asia to try. We then got settled into our hotel rooms which are a bit on the small side, but still very doable, and In the evening we had a bit a free time so I went to a mall where we had dinner and got to check out the shopping scene here. I was lucky enough to find a pork and rice diner that just cost me $2.60, and there were also some pretty cute desserts including a donut shaped like Hello Kitty!

The following day we went to the spice garden that is home to a variety of plants that are indigenous to Asia. We got to try a variety of plants, and were taught about the herbal and medicinal uses for each plant. We also got to learn a bit about the history behind Singaporean dishes that involve a mixture of Indian, Chinese and Malaysian cuisines. I also got to see the building that used to be the old Sunrice Academy, it is now a museum that is home to many famous pieces of art.

In class we learned about the foundation of Singapore and Malaysian curry which consists of tamaran, lemon grass, garlic, shallots, dried shrimp, galand, spices and a variety of aromatic flavors. We then were tasked with creating our own Singaporean dish called Laksa.  We then went on a tour to the Peranakan Museum which features the history of the Peranakan people who are indigenous to Singapore.  After the Museum we had a Peranakan dinner at Casa Bon Vento; which ranks as the 7th best restaurant in Singapore and has served Prime Ministers and Presidents from several countries. Needless to say, everything was very good. I usually don't indulge into a lot of authentic Asian cuisine, so I was worried about how I was going to react to the food here. However, almost everything has been a pleasant surprise and I look forward to trying even more new things!

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