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Thoughts Before Studying Abroad

 JWU student Bianca Giron departs for Australia on June 25 to study abroad. To commemorate the occasion, she does one the things she does best: she pens a poem.

The day is getting close,

The day I look forward to most.


A twenty-two hour plane ride,

With no one that I know by my side.


My first time traveling abroad,

I guess a lot of people might find that odd.


The destination? Australia, the place down under,

Where kangaroos hop around and giant spiders wander.


Sleepless nights and restless mornings,

Looking forward to days that’ll be anything but boring.


Packing and unpacking my suitcase one, two, three times,

Ready for the experience that I’m going to remember for a lifetime.


The Facebook page has been made,

Meeting the other students and our numbers we trade.


Some from different campuses, all with different stories,

All ready to escape our apartments and dormitories.


We wait, we wait and we dream,

Australia Summer 2016 SEEM (Sport/Entertainment/Event Management)

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