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The Wonders of Singapore

Hello everyone! Sorry i'm a bit late with my post, but I've been having an action packed week with little room to even rest. Most of our mornings start at 6 am and from there it's off to school at At-Sunrice Academy, and whatever excursions that we have lined up for the day. We've been learning a lot of things about the history behind Singapore, and exploring new dishes!


One of our excursions was to the Financial District of Singapore which is pictured above. While in the Financial District we were able to have dinner in one of the markets that was set up like a food court. I chose to have a Japanese styled bento lunch with deep fried pork, seared salmon, rice, cabbage, and miso soup.


The dessert in the top left is actually an Indian dish called Ice Kachong; which is basically a snow cone with rice and beans on the bottom....it was interesting. Just yesterday I visited the Butterfly and Insect Kingdom at Sentosa and saw this guy just hanging out!FullSizeRender-22

Since it was a little rainy that day I didn't think I'd get to see too many of these little guys flying around but there were tons of them! Also, while on Sentosa I got to check out Singapore's only beach. Singapore doesn't have any natural beaches with sand, but they do have this one which is man made. However be prepared for a view of the port when you visit the beach. A bridge leading to the look out tower on the beach, which happens to be located in Asia's most southeastern point.




The picture above is of the top of a temple. I didn't go inside but I loved the architecture.


These are some of the dishes that I have prepared in school; the top dish is a noodle dish with prawn (shrimp), then crab chilli, and the last plate is sambal sting ray.


A picture from Singapore's Botanical Garden. The Botanic Gardens were really beautiful and featured hundreds of plant species. It's also a free attraction so I'd definitely recommend anyone to visit there. 

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