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The Last First Day at JWU

JWU Providence senior Samantha Riley is back on campus! Her last first day at JWU brims with multiple snooze button hits, rain-soaked hair, moments of uncertainty and many laughs. 

The bugles bugled. The start was inevitable. The contradictory, much-anticipated yet much-dreaded Stargaze ringtone audibly emanated from the phone. Where did I hide the phone? I sleepwalked to under my bed and with more than a glint of satisfaction, pressed the Snooze button. A minute later it resounded, enthusiastically as ever. Snooze. What was my nighttime self thinking when it set the alarm for before dawn? "If the sun has not woken from its slumber yet than neither will I," the voice inside my head persuaded. Third time- Snooze. Plus, who names an alarm Stargaze? Marketed as if being woken by a gentleman serving you a steaming breakfast in bed while remaining cocooned under a duvet mountain; it was nothing of the sort. 


Meanwhile, the majority of the year ones vamoosed from their beds, fresh-faced and zealous for what the day held. This is not to say my vigor was nonexistent for I had been looking forward to this day for quite some time now. It was just merely on a different level than when I was in their shoes four years ago. Everything which had once been coated in a thick layer of glittery novelty, like anything, had faded. The excitement towards spending copious amounts of free time attending events and discovering hidden gems around the state, had now been filled with work, planning for the imminent future of life after graduation and classes. 

I looked out the window for confirmation of the forecast before donning the first day outfit and of course, as soon as I excited the building, it escalated into a full-on downpour. Braving the storm, liquid breakfast in hand, I managed to successfully navigate my way to the bus stop. The only causality being my once pin straight hair expanded into a mass of pre-makeover Mia Thermopolis. Not much I could do now. Eh it went with the whole au naturale look anyway. The (struggle) bus arrived and four years of being jostled to the end of the line was no more. Senior status here, clear the way*. I have no regrets about leaving everyone else in the dust and being the first one on the bus. *No one was hurt in the making of this boarding.

This trimester, my day begins later, providing me a decent window in the morning to prepare for the day ahead. My classes are located in the Academic Center on campus and after trying two locations, which were not correct, the third time proved to be the charm. Bam. That was the sound of the window slowly closing on me. I comfortingly discovered however I was not the only student or teacher walking around with a permanent question mark tattooed on their forehead about the reshuffling of classrooms. It was an oxymoron, seniors lost on campus more than some of the freshmen.

Four and a half hours later the day was complete and had luckily only improved from there.

Phew. Time for a nap.

Now that Samantha Riley is back from blogging about her JWU study abroad experience, readers get a chance to read her hilarious account of life as a JWU senior.


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