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Summer Camp in Winter

As part of the curriculum for our outdoor recreation planning course, we hosted a 4-day camp for 6th graders from Mimosa Primary School, which is located in Bonteheuwel, a high poverty area on the outskirts of Cape Town.

As part of our study abroad, we sponsor these students to participate in the camp with us. During the camp the 6th graders learn about teamwork and leadership.

The camp was at the Rocklands Centre, located in Simons Town. The Rocklands Centre had one of the most gorgeous views which really helped when you had to wake up at 7 am every morning.




We were split into groups of 3 JWU students with about 10-12 Mimosa students. Each day was full of activities for us to lead our team through while encouraging them to work together.

It was a lot of fun to really interact with local kids from South Africa and see what they were interested in. The boys LOVED to play soccer. Every second they could play, they were playing. The girls liked to play with all of our hair and style it in all different ways.

There were also a few other students doing their internships at the Rocklands Center. It was a great opportunity to speak with locals close to our age about growing up in South Africa and the cultures that they are from. When the camp came to an end, it was very emotional knowing that these kids that you bonded with the last 4 days were leaving.

On the last day of camp, we took all the students to the aquarium. About a week after camp ended we visted the studetns at school one last time. They gave us goodie bags full of gifts to thank us for hosting the camp. Overall the experience was very emotional but i am very happy that I was a part of it. This opportunity was definitely one of my highlights from the trip.