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Term Break: Time to Reconnect with Family & Pets

Bianca Giron cherishes time with her cat during term breaks. Sure, she also misses her parents and her community, but sometimes pet love is as fierce as familial love.

Does anyone else agree that when you first go home after a long time away at school, you realize how much you missed your pets?

Yeah, you missed your parents and your siblings if you have them, but wow there’s nothing like being able to go home and cuddle with your pets. It’s like all the stress from school is released and you’re just thinking about how soft and pure your pet is. Well, at least that’s how I feel.

My cat’s name is Poppy and she is the cutest thing! She has a squished-up face and when she’s annoyed, well, I think she’d be a good match for Grumpy Cat. I adopted Poppy from an animal shelter when she was four years old and have held and cuddled her every moment since then.

A pet's love is pure.

It is really such a great feeling to go home after a long time, and have your cat see you and run up to you. My cat doesn’t always cling to me, during Thanksgiving break she didn’t even remember who I was. I can definitely say that hurt a little. Last Christmas break, she remembered me and came trotting up to me with her short legs and too-big-of-a-body and rubbed against my leg purring. What a great feeling!

Some of you might be thinking,  “Bianca is your whole entry going to be about your cat, didn’t you do anything else for break?”  Yes, this whole entry is about my cat, and yes I did some other things, but seeing my cat was my favorite part.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite part of going home for break is!

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