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When you are weeks from graduating, you start questioning yourself on your decisions throughout your studies. Have I gone into the right major? Have I chosen the right college? It is a normal stage that needs a little inspiration to take you out of it. It is one that I was in until I visited The Grand Hotel Qvisisana on the lovely island of Capri in Italy. The hotel is breathtaking and a dream job of any hospitality major student. The Grand Hotel Qvisisana is a luxury hotel whose conception of hospitality has proved to be a constant source of inspiration in Capri and throughout the world as well as myself. Hearing all the stories from the manager of sales and events that gave us a tour made me realize that I am fortunate to be in a business that is never boring and always filled with new things and excitement. One of the stories that stuck with me was that Giuliana Rancic, anchor of “E! News” and her husband, Bill Rancic got married there. How cool would it be to host a wedding or an event at the hotel you work at of whom you admire? Furthermore, I learned from the stories that it does not matter your nationality or status, we are all people who want and need the basics in life and need to respect one another.

What I was surprised at was that the workers have been there for many years, some even up to 40 years. This was a cultural difference because in America we are always striving for success and need to be the best that we can, when we reach the peak in a company, we move on to another company to grow even bigger or if we feel that it is not giving us what we deserve, we look for other options. The workers of The Grand Hotel Qvisisana have been there almost all their lives in not managerial positions and happy with what they have. It makes me look at things different, and think about appreciating what we have instead of focusing too much on what we want to have.

I look forward to graduating and hopefully one day working at a place like The Grand Hotel Qvisisana.

Katerina Shevchenko