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This week we went to Barcelona! It was an amazing city. I like it so much. Before I went there, I thought that Barcelona may be dirty and messy. I was also been told that there were so many thefts and it was easy to lose things if you did not pay attention. But actually Barcelona was not like what I thought before. It was nice and clean. I was so careful about my bag so the theft did not steal my things.

The first day we went to La Sagrada Familia. It was the design of Gaudi. So many tourists there and it has a long line for entering. But this church was really different from the others I saw before. It made me feel like this church was for witches. It was still in building and was the only one been added to Cultural Heritage of the World with finishing. Actually I should say that Barcelona was the city of Gaudi. So many different buildings was designed by Gaudi. Like the Casa Mila and Casa Batllo. Casa Mila was like a cake. It was a private apartment before. We also went to the Camp Nou. This is the main soccer field of Futbol Club Barcelona. It was so big and beautiful. Standing inside, you can imagine the match. I bought the soccer shirt of my favorite soccer player-Fabregas.

Our second day we went to the Picasso Museum. His paintings were hard to understand. He had a special way to draw people. You can tell that he drew a person but the eyes, nose, ears and mouth were big and different from normal ones. Then we went to Plac de Catalunya. It was a plaza with fountains. It was also the beginning of the famous walking street La Rambla. We went shopping on this street and at the end it was the Mirador de Colom. The statue of Colombo was standing at the top and his right hand was pointing at the Mediterranean Sea.

The famous food in Spain was ham. We tried a lot. The most expensive one we saw was 94 euros. I like the paella in Spain. It was fresh and the seafood was tasty. Everyone should go to Barcelona to try it!

The people in Barcelona was also nice and can speak good English. People in Spain was not like people in South America. They are not that passionate. They are more quiet. Or maybe it was the time for easter, most people were at home. So I just see a little aspect of Barcelona. But I will definitely come back to Spain.


Rui Yan