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Hi everyone!

I went to Paris this weekend with 4 of friends which also at the same study abroad program with me. It was such a funny trip that I could nearly remember every moment of the trip! Actually, me and Rui were focused on the famous attractions of the place, and she had already been prepared for nearly everything about our trip, she even knows which place to take the metro and which station to get off so clearly. Every people in Paris were so friendly that even though we didn’t ask them about the place to go they had already come to us and asking if we need help. I feel so lucky to meet so many friendly people there.

We went to a lot of famous attractions in Paris, they are: Eiffel Tower, Triumphal Arch, Place dc la Concorde, Notre Dame dc Paris, Louvre, Versailles, and of course, the avenue des Champs Elysees. It is a hard work for us to spend only two days to visit all the attractions that I mentioned before, but we did it! It is such a fun trip and we even went to the Eiffel Tower twice. Once is at morning and another is at night. It was so pretty at night and in the morning when we went to the top of the tower. We can view nearly the whole city.

The Venus and Mona Lisa was in the Louvre and we also saw some other famous works there. I bought a watch from Swatch and it was only sold at that store in Louvre, and it is limited edition, I think the watch is really pretty and it is good to give my friend a gift like this. Versailles was so pretty and everything there was well designed and always has a story. The most important thing is that they even have Chinese explanation phones that can give to us for free!

After the trip, I was so tired and my feet were really hurt by so much walk. However, I still want to come there again, and the next time, maybe I will enjoy the shopping and food there!

Yingying Zhang