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Excursion #3: Capri & Grand Hotel Quisisana site tour

For this week’s excursion, the group and I went to the island of Capri and had a lovely site tour of the Grand Hotel Quisisana Resort and Spa.

After a pretty bumpy and nauseating ferry ride over to the island, we arrived in Grand port of Capri around 8:30 am

We took a short tram ride to the top part of Capri where the center of town was located along with the hotel. Despite the partly cloudy skies & chilly weather, Capri’s rustic & mediterranean beauty shined through its architecture and city design. Capri is your typical Italian small town, like one you would see in a indie movie or on a postcard.

Cobblestone streets everywhere, lemon and olive trees, italian villas with lush vegetation and brightly colored homes, the high fashion, luxury truly meets old world traditions in Capri.

This was the goal of the Quisisana as well for their guests. According to our tour guide through the hotel (whom was also the Director of Sales) “The goal of our hotel is to provide a feeling of luxury and grandeur of the Italian elite without sacrificing the convenience and extraordinary customer service that the modern traveler expects while vacationing”.

The Quisisana was originally opened by a Scottish doctor in during the mid 19th century. Six years after being ran as a Sanatorium, The Quisisana became a hotel. Quisisana directly translates to “here one heals” from Italian. The property has a modest number of 148 rooms, including luxury suites, 8 conference rooms, 3 restaurants, and a spa. In 1986, the Q became a member of “Leading Hotels of the World”. Capri has become a safe heaven for celebrities looking to get away from the public and enjoy a simpler, peaceful and private holiday, and almost all of them choose the Q as their home away from home.

The Q has served everyone from Mariah Carey to Oscar Wilde and they all have nothing but amazing things to stay about the property and their staff.

As part of the site tour, we were able to see a large luxury honeymoon suite with a partial sea view that boasts up too 800 euro a night ($1024.75 USD!!!), the outside pool lounge and restaurant La Colobaia, get a tour of the kitchen, and finally a tour of the massive meeting space titled “Donna Lucia Meeting Room”.

After the site tour, we all parted ways and got the chance to explore the island. I sampled the local pasta scialatielli , which is a speciality in Capri. Went shopping at some of the high end fashion stores such as Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo, walked through the villa’s and public gardens, and even sent a postcard home to my friends in New York City.

Despite the weather being rainy and cold, I really enjoyed our trip to Capri, I plan on returning one day, maybe during the summer and when I am bankrolling a couple grand.

Thank you Capri for your hospitality and beauty! A Più tarde!

Next week’s excursion *Benevento*

Want to check out the property or even make a reservation?!? go to this link —> Grand Hotel Quisisana

- Joseph “Joey Be” Bermudez