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Day trip in Capri yesterday was experience that I love and hate. There are definitely amazing views on this pretty island. Yes, ISLAND. So that means we had to take a boat to get there; which was my nightmare and the most horrible ride I have ever had, even I am not a seasick person. I never feel that it’s so good standing on the land, but I had the feeling yesterday. However, it was worth, because Capri is a place I definitely want to go back again.

Personally think, it was a successful study trip in Qvisisana Grand Hotel. Unlike other five stars hotels I have been to before. Qvisisana is a place made me feel so comfortable and relax even the decoration is not luxury. Everything here was so delicate and so match. If I can stay for a couple nights with a cotton long skirt; that will be so perfect. I think that’s the reason why many well-known people would like to come here having a vacation. The event and sales manager took us going around and shared many interesting stories with us. For myself, I enjoyed his talking and those gorgeous views. I think I understand that offering what you have which is also what customers want is the key to success.

After the hotel trip, we got free time. We took a bus to upper Capri. The bus was so crowded; we made fun about it that it’s kind of like we were in India. By the way, we had a late lunch in a restaurant, the seafood was good but it was a little bit salty to me. Even the weather was not good, Capri was still beautiful. And the cold weather made the cappuccino from the street comer cafeteria so warm.

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