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After a long and not to mention nauseous boat ride from Castellammare, we arrived on the famous island of Capri. Here we toured the beautiful 5 star Grand Hotel Quisisana . We were led by the very kind director of sales who had plenty of knowledge and interesting stories about celebrities who have stood on this property. After opening for the first time this season last weekend, the hotel is currently averaging about 500 Euros a night. It was great to be able to see a guest room and tour the amazing views of the property. We were even led into the kitchen to get a sneak peak of where all of the delicious Italian cuisine is created. They were preparing for Easter, which takes them about a week to do so because everything is made from scratch and fresh ingredients. You can tell this hotel is excellent and very customer orientated by not only the star rating, but the fact that they have repeat guests who stay for a week or more every year, and know the staff pretty well as the director was saying. After our tour of the hotel, we were off on our own to explore the island. Unfortunately at this point, the weather wasn’t in our favor and it started to rain. The rain however didn’t stop us as we ate our packed lunches and walked around to check out some of the shops and famous ceramics. Upon taking a bus to the top of the mountain known as Ana Capri, we were able to find this amazing spot overlooking the town below. Finally when 5:30 came around I have to admit I was excited to see the boat arrive because it was quite chilly and my feet were soaked from the rain. This doesn’t mean that Capri wasn’t amazing, because it is; I just hope to return on a day where the sun is shining.

Meghan Picaro