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Pompeii, a buried city that has been re-discovered.

This week, our school excursion took us to the City of Pompeii. It was absolutely amazing how large the city actually is. Everything is made of stone and brick and much of the architecture is now very visible.

We had a wonderful tour guide who educated me on a lot of fun facts. For example, the stairs pictured above were where the poor people lived. It was a matter of safety to live on the first/ground floor, so only the rich had that ability and would push the less fortunate to live in tiny, hot, second floor rooms.

The fountain you see is just one of the many that were found during excavation . These public water fountains were found in every piazza so that locals could get their water. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful one that we saw.

The two scary looking pictures on top are of petrified humans, whos bodies were covered and almost perfectly preserved when Vesuvius erupted. I couldn’t believe what great shape they found these people in. Silly me, I thought they would have melted!

The long picture in the middle is a panoramic view of one of the central ruin cites. The city itself still has three missing pieces that are being excavated at this very moment. I can’t imagiine my mind to think about what else they could possibly find buried in the dirt.

The only downside to the day was the weather. Unfortunately there was way too much rain for anyone to enjoy, but it didn’t keep us from out adventure back in time. You can see a picture of myself and my friend Joey under his bright yellow umbrella while we were stopped listening to our guide.

Overall, it was an amazing day. One of the best so far! I had so much fun and truly learned a lot. I cant wait to get home and show everyone my pictures and share my new found knowledge.

Chelsea Propati