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You know what they say… When in Rome do as the Romans

Ciao! During my trip to Roma I went to five places. The first place I visited was St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City! There was a large crowd the day we went because the night before Pope Francis was chosen. How exciting!!! The church was beautiful and very grand. Many popes have their tombs in this church. After a tour around the church I decided to climb to the top of the dome. 320 steps later I reached the top of the most spectacular view of Vatican City. It was perfect!

After the St. Peters Basilica we went to Trevi fountain. At Trevi fountain I made three wishes. For each wish you have to through a coin in the fountain. The first wish signifies your return to Rome, the second is that you will find true love and the last wish is you will get your true love. Very romantic!!

Then it was time for the Spanish Steps. It’s a nice place to sit and watch the hustle and bustle of the area.

The following day I went to the Roman forum! This was by far my favorite place!! Ancient Rome is magnificent. The Roma Forum was the center of the Roman Empire. The beautiful structures are now ruins. The 2000+ years of history is magnificent. Definitely go to the Roman Forum it is totally worth it!!!

Last stop on our adventure was the coliseum. The structure of the Coliseum is very elaborate. The whole stadium was covered in marble over 2000 years ago but has all been stolen. The history behind the Coliseum is very gruesome thousands of people have died fighting for their lives. This was a form of entertainment to people back then.

All together the trip was awesome and I would defiantly do it all over again!

Neha Khona