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I loved my girl’s weekend! Ryan left me on thursday which meant it was time for some quality girl mischief. Today Chelsea, Dara, Katerina, and myself took a beautiful afternoon trip to Sorrento. Today was absolutely beautiful so we decided to go wander the streets, shop, and get some really good food. Sorrento reminds me very much of Newport, RI. Perfect for tourists who just want to seep in a beautiful beach side community. I had my first meatballs since I have been in Italy. I have a minor obsession, so I had to order them! It was absolutely delicious. There was giant chunks of garlic and onion. I cant even explain to you how fast I ate them. So first you the the actual meatball but then comes the sauce, which was unreal. We stayed and chatted there for a few hours. Everything is here is so relaxed. I find that people really value the time spent with one another. They take it slower, appreciating everything. It very different from home but I am in love with it.

Now I am here waiting for the love of my life (Ryan) to come home! I cant wait to catch up. I swear when its time to sleep we cant shut up. I feel like a giddy schoolgirl sometimes.

Just another beautiful weekend spent in Italy. I don’t think I ever want to leave

Nicole Knapik